Catchin' Some Zees  
Irish slate, earthenware, Virginia slate, graphite, bronze, Italian serpentine  
12½"x 14"x 1¼"  
Don Dougan  sculptor
recent work
Cornucopia: Torse Poupée  
Irish slate, papier-mâché, paint  
12"x 12"x 5"   
'Cross the River Red
plaster, bronze powder, dyed Indiana limestone, ceramic, steel, pigment
12½"x 7"x 2½"
stoneware, pigment
9½"x 8"x 4"

A wearable mask modeled from life from a young woman who's heritage is part Cherokee and part African-American. Her hair was dyed purple at the time she posed . . . 
Dancin' (Wannado)
Indiana limestone with added pigment, glass, plaster with copper leafing and cupric nitrate patina, Verde di Prato serpntine, sea urchin spines 

10"x 20¾"x 2½"

detail of partially etched glass lens showing the patinaed copper, sea urchin spines, and Verde di Prato serpentine

detail of added pigment and sandblasting on limestone
Blue Skies
(Smiling at Me)
stoneware, pigment
6¼"x 11¼"x 4"

Geometries of Innocent Flesh (In the Arcade)

Indiana limestone, unglazed ceramic with added pigment, Virginia slate, Italian Rosso Arabescato Orobico marble 

11½"x 23"x 2¾"

detail of ceramic with added pigment and Virginia slate elements

detail of three Italian Rosso Arabescato Orobico marble elements 
detail of two adjoining textural surfaces of the Indiana limestone